Interested in Selling DigiCert Certificates?

DigiCert would like to partner with you to share our top-shelf certificate products and award-winning customer support with your customers and prospects. Regardless of whether you wish to simply pass along occasional referrals, or plan to have an integrated program for your clients where you order and maintain SSL Certificates on their behalf, we have programs to fit your needs. We provide the technical expertise and support; you simply introduce customers to “the DigiCert difference.”

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What Is a Reseller/Partner/Referral?

At DigiCert we are proud to collaborate with any of our customers or partners, large or small, and help them promote our SSL Certificates to their friends and business associates.

Referral Linking Program

This program is ideal for webmasters or consultants who want to refer potential clients to DigiCert via reseller links, without managing the certificates for the clients that they refer.

Once a client has signed up for a DigiCert account using a reseller referral link, all certificates purchased (additional certificates as well as renewals) will be credited to the referring party as long as the referral agreement remains intact and the customer continues to order through the account. This program is suitable for resellers of any size.

Referrer benefits:
  • Clients manage their own certificates
  • Recurring income from clients beyond the initial referral
  • Monthly commissions (up to 25%)


Product Integration Program

Integration SSL reseller programs are ideal for individuals or organizations who plan to order and maintain SSL Certificates on behalf of their clients.

This kind of reseller partnership is most frequently used by organizations that provide a variety of services to their customers, of which SSL setup and maintenance might be just a part. Integrators may also decide to implement referral link programs.

Integrator benefits:
  • Manage certificates for your clients
  • Recurring income from clients
  • Generous discounts (up to 25%)


1 - 4 10%
5 - 25 15%
26 - 99 20%
100 - 149 25%
150 + Contact us by phone at 801-877-2100 or email at

Lifetime Commissions, No Upfront Costs

No pre-payments and no sales gimmicks.

Keep the credit for all of your sales for a full year. Commissions are calculated on a yearly basis so you get the highest commissions regardless of the volume of sales on a given month.

Proven Leader

Partner With a Proven Leader

DigiCert is one of the fastest growing Certificate Authorities (CA) in the world, with a client list that includes companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, IBM, Sony, Intel, Wikipedia, ICANN, and countless others. While we have a respected name in the industry, our reseller program is relatively new—providing you with a world of opportunity and less competition from other resellers.

Along with offering SSL Certificates that support up to 2048-bit encryption, DigiCert is a founding member of the CA/Browser Forum and an innovator in the category. DigiCert was the first to pioneer Subject Alternative Names support.

All We Do Certs

Digital Certificates Are All We Do

Unlike some CAs who offer dozens or even hundreds of products unrelated to SSL encryption, creating and supporting top-shelf digital certificates is all DigiCert does. This focused energy allows us to concentrate on providing you with the best product available, as well as unmatched support. While you are free to offer other products and services on top of your DigiCert certificate offering, we will continue to do what we do best.

Recurring Income

Immediate and Recurring Income

You earn commissions on every new customer you introduce to DigiCert. Better yet, when those customers renew their certificates with DigiCert, you get credit for their purchases year after year after year. This perpetual revenue stream provides your business with residual income long after your initial investment in obtaining the customer. Best of all, DigiCert’s support team is able to handle all of the future interaction with the customer, leaving you to focus on finding new customers.

No Upfront Costs

No Upfront Costs

Our reseller programs have no upfront setup costs. Simply fill out the application, get approved, and start earning money; the program becomes profitable on your first sale. The only sales goals or quotas you need to worry about are the ones you set for yourself.

Service and Support

Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

DigiCert’s award-winning customer support team is available around the clock to quickly respond to questions or problems. Our staff is highly-trained, providing the equivalent of Tier 3 technical support that would cost you a premium elsewhere. Available via phone, email, and chat, every member of our team has a direct line for personalized access; we also have no phone queues, meaning that a real person who can help you with your problem is going to pick up the phone whenever you or your customers call. Resellers also have access to data regarding their customers, including pending and past sales and commissions.

Fast Verification

Fast Verification

Once your customers place an order they don’t want to sit around waiting for their certificate before they can update their site or push it live. One of the reasons DigiCert has received a 5-star customer review rating on is our amazing validation turn-around times. When we receive an order we immediately begin the validation process and our validation team makes the necessary phone calls and conducts their research. Nowhere is our validation speed more apparent than with our Extended Validation Certificates, which we typically can issue in a few hours or less—while many of our competitors take several days. The faster the certificates get issued, the faster you get paid, and the happier your customers will be.

Get Started

It's Time to Get Started

Any organization, including ISPs, web hosting providers, large server administrators, and web developers who currently deal with an extremely high volume of certificates should contact us by phone at 801-877-2100 or email at for more information about special discounts or pricing.

Territories are worldwide and non-exclusive. Our objective is to secure a qualified network of Authorized Partners around the world.