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Get SSL certificates from a company you can trust to always provide quality products at prices significantly lower than most of our major competitors.

Our commitment to promoting higher industry security standards is a commitment to every one of our customers to help build trust online. We are currently the only major SSL certificate authority to issue only High-Assurance & Extended Validation SSL certificates, never domain validated SSL certificates, not even through a subsidiary brand.

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We don't just have low prices, when you buy at DigiCert you get the best SSL/TLS security available in digital certificates with lots of extra features; our unlimited server license, free certificate reissues, and an easy to use, simplified Managed PKI certificate manager (if you are interested in Managed PKI with all the features, you can get that for free too).

DigiCert Security Commitment FAQs

Our commitment to all our customers, and the customers of our customers:

  • High Assurance SSL - At DigiCert every certificate that we issue is a fully-validated, High-Assurance or Extended Validation SSL certificate.
  • SGC SSL Certificates - Information about SGC SSL and why DigiCert does not issue certificates enabled for server gated cryptography.
  • Domain Validated SSL - Domain validated SSL compared to High-Assurance SSL. What are the differences and why DigiCert doesn't issue DV SSL certificates?

CA Price Comparisons

See how we measure up against the competition:

  • Compare EV SSL - Get SSL certificate green bar security. EV SSL certificates promote enhanced website security and help prevent phishing and online fraud.
  • Compare WildCard SSL - Secure unlimited servers and subdomains at one low price. Get SSL certificate Wildcards and the best value in SSL.
  • Compare SSL Certificates - Our standard SSL/TLS certificates with all the features you would expect, and some you wouldn't.
  • SSL price comparison home.

If you need help finding what kind of certificate is right for you, see our SSL features compared.

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We understand that you don't want to spend any more time worrying about your SSL certificates than you absolutely have to. Our certificate issuance and SSL support practices are designed with that in mind.

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For more help with your SSL Certificate Installation, Contact our Support Team at 1-800-896-7973, 24 Hours a Day, 6 Days a Week.

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