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Single-name SSL Certificates provide encryption and authentication for one domain. DigiCert SSL Certificates have all the features you expect from an SSL Certificate (like strong encryption and browser trust) as well as a few things you won’t get anywhere else—like unlimited reissues, unlimited duplicate certificates, and an unlimited server license. And because of DigiCert’s innovative use of Subject Alternative Names, a certificate for www.yoursite.com will also work with yoursite.com. That’s why we call it SSL Plus.

3 Years $139 per year (You Save 20%)
2 Years $157 per year (You Save 10%)
1 Year $175

Strong Encryption

DigiCert converts your data into virtually impenetrable code using data encryption up to 256 bits. Our certificates also use the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. DigiCert upholds the highest standard for key sizes and a hybrid cryptosystem that utilizes the best of both asymmetric and symmetric encryption. The security of your site is our number one priority.


Fast Certificate Issuance

Certificate issuance often takes days or even weeks with other providers, causing organizations to settle for lower-assurance options like domain -validated certificates. But with DigiCert’s validation specialists working nearly 24/7, we can typically issue certificates in less than an hour. We track exactly how long it takes to issue each and every certificate, constantly searching for ways to streamline and effectively expedite our validation process. Thanks to this relentless dedication to quick turnaround times, you no longer have to choose between high-assurance and fast issuance.

$1 Million Warranty

The safety of your site and its data, along with that of your customers, is our number one priority. Not only do we stake our reputation on every single one of our SSL Certificates, we even provide a $1 million warranty. You can sleep easy knowing that your customers are covered against damages resulting from a certificate that was improperly issued.

Unlimited Free Reissues

Lost your private key? Changed your domain from www.yourname.com to secure.yourname.com? Just want to see if we really mean "unlimited" and "free" when we say "unlimited free reissues"? No problem. With any DigiCert certificate you can reissue your certificate for free—whenever and for whatever reason.

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Widespread Browser Compatibility

With one of the oldest and most widely supported root certificates in the industry, DigiCert certificates are trusted by all common browsers, mail clients, and operating systems. This ensures that no matter where your visitors are coming from they will be able to securely browse your site.

Unlimited Server License

Most other Certificate Authorities’ SSL Certificates are only licensed for one physical server. But with DigiCert's unlimited server license, you can use your certificate on as many servers as you want. You can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs for each server. That's the ultimate in flexibility.

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Increased Conversions

One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases. Approximately 63% of online shoppers will not purchase from a website that does not prominently display an icon representing trust.* Companies that are verified can build trust instantly with their customers through site seals—and this trust can translate into increased sales and conversions. All DigiCert certificates come with a free DigiCert seal.

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* Ecommerce Journal, June 29, 2009

Customer Service

Complimentary Award-Winning Customer Service

DigiCert’s award-winning technical support team is available 24/7. We think that support is one of the most crucial parts of our business, so we don't outsource or have phone queues. When you call us, you will talk to someone who genuinely enjoys their job and is happy to help you with any issue you might have for FREE and without any obligation. We help each of our customers through every step of their CSR creation and certificate installation processes. This may seem hard to believe since most of our competitors offer little or no free support; however, we challenge you to call now and give us a chance to show you how easy working with us can be.

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DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows

Express CSR Generation and Certificate Installation

As a DigiCert customer, you have access to the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows. This tool removes the hurdles from the CSR generation and certificate installation processes. All you have to provide during the order process is your organization and payment details so we can pre-validate your certificate. Once pre-validation is complete, you simply click a button in the certificate utility to generate your CSR and then use the utility’s express installation to install the certificate. This tool also simplifies the code signing process.

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Trusted CA

Trusted Certificate Authority

DigiCert has been providing SSL Certificates and SSL management tools for over a decade. We assisted in developing the extended validation certificate and worked in conjunction with Microsoft to develop and promote the use of Subject Alternate Names in SSL Certificates. Unlike other CAs who offer dozens or even hundreds of products unrelated to SSL encryption, creating and supporting top-shelf digital certificates and code signing certificates is all DigiCert does. This focused energy results in better products and unmatched support.

Green Bar Assurance
Improve the security of your site and win the trust of your visitors!
  • Green in the address bar (green bar or issuance name, see below)
  • Website owner's company name in the address bar
  • https:// at the beginning of the domain name
  • Padlock in the address bar
  • Organization information in the certificate details
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