DigiCert® 2048-Bit SSL Certificates Also Allow 256- & 128-bit Encryption

Includes a Strong Authentication Warranty, Authentic Site Seal, & PKI Manager for FREE!

2048-Bit SSL Certificates Are the Web Standard for Security

Have you ever purchased something online from a site that didn't assure you it was secure? Without the consumer confidence that comes from a certified seal and a secure server, a potential sale will be stopped dead in its tracks.

Many consumers are still wary about shopping online, and with good reason—faulty security has led to hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers being shared publicly. Your customers might not know what 2048-Bit SSL Certificates really are, but they know what it means when a site says it has a secure server. It means trust. And without it, they're not buying.

Same Security, Half the Cost

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol secures the connection between a customer's browser and a server. After the connection is made, all of the information transmitted between the browser and the server is encrypted and therefore totally private.

SSL Certificates from DigiCert have the same level of security as more expensive certificates from Thawte and Symantec—but at a much lower cost. Our security experts stringently validate each application by ensuring proper domain name ownership and confirming that the company itself is a valid, legal entity. We document these verifications for our records, as well as for your benefit. These applications are then authenticated with digitally signed encryption algorithms to ensure consumer trust and confidence. If that's not enough, our new DigiCert Extended Validation SSL Plus™ Certificate offer an even higher level of identity authentication.

Certain SSL companies compromise the integrity of internet security; but DigiCert is committed to the highest level of security possible—because that's what your customers expect.

Even Greater Savings

As an added bonus to our already low prices, DigiCert also offers price cuts for businesses that purchase multiple years of certification in advance:

Per Year Pricing
2 Years $207 per year ($414) (You Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $218 Buy Now

If you have multiple subdomains on your server, or if you are an ISP with multiple certificate needs, you can also save money by purchasing a DigiCert Wildcard Plus™ Certificate.

Why Does DigiCert Offer Such a Strong Warranty?

Your customers won't purchase products or services from your website if they don't trust you. And we know that your customers' confidence is crucial to increasing your online sales. Our $1 million warranty demonstrates our commitment to your security, giving your customers protection from improperly-issued certificates.

SSL Certificates :: Strong Encryption :: Strong Warranty

Order a DigiCert SSL Certificate now, and enjoy the protection of 2048-bit SSL security today.