DigiCert® Secure Site Seal Authentication

Secure Seals are included with each DigiCert SSL Certificate at no extra charge.

Would you like Instant Credibility when a Consumer Enters Your Website?


You can. A Secure Site Seal from DigiCert® establishes your business as a legitimate, registered, and safe place to do business online. Our secure server SSL Site Seal allows customers to check your identity, and Confirm Your Integrity.

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DigiCert® Secure Site Seals Prove that Your Company has been Verified by a Trustworthy third party Registration Authority.

The Web is changing the way the world does business. With this paradigm shift comes a new kind of uncertainty for online consumers. Your potential customers are concerned how secure your e-commerce transactions really are over an inherently insecure medium (the Internet). E-Businesses have learned the hard way that you cannot succeed online without Strong Security Validation and Authentication.

Our SSL Secure Site Seals Reassure Your Customers that they are doing business with a Legitimate Business - Yours.

Display our Secure Site Seal and you will Attract More Customers, and Make More Sales!

Validation Process

DigiCert Validates your business as a Legitimate Entity, so customers know it is SAFE to do business with you. FREE Authentication Backup: We Backup faxed or scanned copies of your company's business license and/or articles of incorporation, so you have your records on hand at all times. We authenticate these documents with the state in which your business resides, and you can easily download your records anytime from your Free Secure Web-PKI Manager.

Best of all, if you order a 2048 Bit SSL Certificate, a Wildcard SSL Certificate, or any of our other Secure Socket Layer Encryption Products, you get our Secure Authenticated Site Seal FREE.

Higher Standards and Strong Authentication for Greater Trust

Some other companies claim to validate their customers over the phone, but DigiCert demands a higher level of security. Our secure site seals are only given to legitimate businesses that pass our stringent identity Validation and Authentication. That means you will not be sharing the DigiCert seal with fly-by-night operations, unlawful groups. or questionable businesses. Which in turn means a higher level of trust given to our seal - and to your business. Our new Extended Validation Certificate shows that your business has the absolute highest level of identity authentication.

For some of our products where it is not applicable, like our code signing certificates, trust seals are not available.

Consumers can trust DigiCert® Site Seals - and the businesses that use them.

DigiCert® SSL Site Seal Means TRUST

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