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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of DigiCert’s Customer Service

If you're contacting DigiCert's customer service for support, there's a chance that your day is already not going how you planned. And while we pride ourselves on our 5-star customer support and amazing support representatives, we know that you want...

Stolen Credit Cards Going Out of Style, Healthcare Records in Vogue

The black market has become so flooded with stolen credit cards that selling them is now less lucrative. This has caused cybercriminals to look for other means of making cash, and many of them are turning to stealing healthcare...

The Value of Authentication

A decade ago, shopping was an easy and relatively worry-free activity: select the items you want, put them in your cart, check out. Today's Internet shoppers are still using carts, but now they need to worry about whether the store is trustworthy,...

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