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New Security Solutions Emerge as IoT Moves into the Public Spotlight

In today’s world everything is connected. Turn on your crockpot from your phone while you’re standing in line at Target. Check on your sleeping baby while you watch a movie. Though these modern conveniences are great, the interconnectivity of...

The Evolution of SSL and TLS

If you’ve Googled SSL before, then you’ve probably seen the term TLS as well. SSL and TLS are sometimes used interchangeably because they are very closely related. In fact, you can think of TLS as an upgraded version of SSL. Both protocols...

State of the Union Address Sparks National Discussion about Cybersecurity

If cybersecurity wasn’t already on the minds of Americans before last Tuesday—it is now. In President Obama’s State of the Union address, he challenged Congress to pass legislation to ward off cyber-attacks that “shut down our networks,...

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