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Myth: TLS Is Too Heavy for Low-Powered Devices

Mobile devices have evolved significantly in terms of power in the last few years, but other devices emerging as part of the IoT ecosystem can still be extremely limited by computing power and battery life. With the predicted growth of the IoT and...

Preventing the DROWN Attack

Researchers recently uncovered the DROWN vulnerability in SSL v2. DROWN stands for Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened encryption. It affects HTTPS and other services that rely on the SSL and TLS protocols. Attackers can use the DROWN...

Google Takes Another Step to Help Encourage HTTPS Everywhere

A year ago, Google proposed that web browsers should flag all plain HTTP web pages as unsecure and made the move to boost search engine rankings for sites using HTTPS URLS. Now, Google is getting ready to place a dreaded red “x” through websites...

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