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Google Gives SSL-Secured Sites Search Ranking Boost

DigiCert believes that communication should be secure; always, and by default. And the official word from Google is "ALL." On August 6, Google announced that it will begin to give a ranking boost to SSL-secured websites. This means that SSL...

New OpenSSL Security Updates, No Major Security Threats

On August 6, 2014, developers at OpenSSL released new updates to resolving nine previously reported security issues categorized with a severity of moderate or less. This next round of updates to the widely-used OpenSSL library, that most servers...

Forward Secrecy Secures Past Data from Future Compromises

On top of the foundation of encryption from SSL and HTTPS, Twitter made headlines when it enabled Forward Secrecy as a way to enhance its efforts to secure online systems and protect user communication online. Forward Secrecy is a powerful...

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