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SSL Certificate Validity Periods Limited to 39 Months Starting in April

In accordance with the CA/Browser Forum’s Baseline Requirements, effective April 1, 2015, Certificate Authorities will no longer be able to issue SSL Certificates with a validity period longer than 39 months.  There is an exception to this rule,...

Supporting the Anonymous Use of Facebook via Tor

Friday, Facebook announced that the popular social network will be available to users of the Tor anonymizing browser. To eliminate warnings that might prevent users from accessing the .onion service, help users identify the service, and help reduce...

The Next Generation of SecureWiFi Certificates Is Here

Because of DigiCert’s reputation as a leading security authority and promoter of industry standards and improvements, we have been selected by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide Online Sign-Up (OSU) server certificates, or DigiCert SecureWiFi...

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