SSL/TLS security for Microsoft Azure Key Vault

DigiCert and Microsoft are working together to improve how enterprises can seamlessly obtain high-assurance certificates and keep those certificates renewed by providing convenient access to SSL/TLS certificates and private key storage. Azure Key Vault customers can order DigiCert SSL Certificates directly from their Key Vault account through the CertCentral REST API. Certificates are automatically renewed, making sure that lapses in SSL/TLS security don't happen.

Microsoft knows that secure key management is vital to keeping your data safe in the cloud. With Azure Key Vault, you can store and encrypt your keys and passwords at rest on virtual HSMs (hardware security modules). The DigiCert integration with Key Vault allows you to order SSL/TLS certificates and store your certificates and their private keys there as well.

Link your Microsoft Azure Key Vault and DigiCert CertCentral accounts

First, you need an Azure account. Your Azure account includes the Key Vault for storing keys, passwords, etc.
Next, you need to activate your CertCentral account. This account is specifically set up for integration with your Azure Key Vault account.

Sign up for your CertCentral account*

*If you already have CertCentral account, contact your account manager or our support team. They can help make sure your account is set up for your Azure Key Vault account integration.

Instructions for getting started

To learn how to integrate your Azure Key Vault account to your DigiCert CertCentral account, see Azure Key Vault integration guide.