Nine Tips to Securely Work from Home During Coronavirus

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, employees were increasingly working from home. According to the Federal Reserve, the percentage of the labor force working from home tripled in the last 15 years. However, since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, many companies are asking their employees to work from home. As more people log […]

DigiCert and COVID-19 Preparedness

To our valued customers: We understand that this is a time of heightened concern, and we want to reassure our customers and partners that we are prepared to deliver critical services and uptime of your secure web operations. We are committed to continue providing global security solutions with knowledgeable customer support and validation services. As […]

DigiCert pushes underscore extension

Earlier this year, certain browsers in the CA/Browser Forum mandated that underscore certificates be revoked immediately due to new interpretations of the RFC 1034 standard that is incorporated by reference into the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements. This resulted in an ongoing discussion in the CA/Browser Forum over the course of this year: should underscore certificates […]

Announcing DigiCert Secure Site: The Industry’s Most Feature-Rich TLS Certificate Solution

This month we have launched DigiCert Secure Site – a new suite of certificate solutions for organizations prioritizing online trust and identity. Secure Site is available as a Single-Domain, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, and EV, which all include a package of exclusive new features: Display the Norton Secure Seal, the world’s most recognized website trust mark: Significantly […]

New CAB Forum Validation Rules Go Into Effect Today

As of August 1, 2018, Certificate Authorities (CAs) are not allowed to use Methods #1 and #5 from section of the Baseline Requirements to validate domain ownership when issuing publicly trusted certificates for use on the web. Continued use of these methods will be considered misissuance and may be subject to revocation or distrust […]

Strengthening Trust & Identity in Blockchain Technology

Today, we are announcing our becoming a member of The Linux Foundation and a contributor to the open source project, Hyperledger. According to The Linux Foundation, “Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.” At DigiCert, we are always focused on bringing innovative approaches to technology in a way that […]

Notice of Withdrawal from the CA Security Council

DigiCert is electing to withdraw from the CA Security Council (CASC) as we believe CASC is moving in a direction that DigiCert does not support. Specifically: We feel that CASC is not sufficiently transparent and does not represent the diversity of the modern Certificate Authority (CA) industry. Improving the ecosystem requires broad participation from all […]

Our Latest Symantec Distrust Guidance

This week, Apple announced they will be distrusting SSL/TLS certificates issued from Symantec’s legacy root certificates, which includes the Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL brands. We have  given guidance on replacing these certificates for compatibility with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This new announcement from Apple imposes later deadlines, and does not require any additional action […]

EV Certificates & DigiCert

By Jeremy Rowley and Tim Hollebeek The Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/Browser) community discussions on the value of Extended Validation (EV) certificates, the future of EV, and proposed improvements to EV revealed that DigiCert has a slightly different view on EV than other participants. Sharing our view on EV issuance may help others understand the stances DigiCert […]