Automated SSL Installation: A Deeper Dive into Express Install™

By now you’ve heard the news that DigiCert rolled out some new tools last month to streamline certificate lifecycle management. One of these tools is Express Install—a utility that allows system admins to automate SSL Certificate installation and HTTPS configuration.

The Concept

This useful tool simplifies the complexity and hassle of enabling HTTPS on websites. With an automated system, Express Install eliminates common errors in the process, which are almost always caused by the sys admin or person installing the certificate.

Express Install is a simple tool that you can use every time you need to install a certificate. It will work efficiently in every instance, whether you have hundreds of certificates to install or just one.

Express Install allows the user to easily install a certificate through the following steps:

  1. First, the user ensures that he/she has a DigiCert account and then downloads Express Install
  2. The user utilizes Express Install to generate a CSR. If the user provided a CSR from the origin server, then he/she will skip to step four.
  3. Express Install communicates with the user’s DigiCert account to submit the CSR and then downloads the certificate.
  4. Express Install scans the sites on the server (IIS or Apache) to determine a match for the certificate. If a match is found, it is automatically selected for installation. If no match is found, the user has an option to select the appropriate site.  
  5. After the certificate is installed, the user is directed to the DigiCert SSL Installation Tool (Windows IIS) to verify installation. Alternatively, on the Linux installer a local check is performed to verify an SSL connection.

Express Install now automates all of the steps and reduces instances of human error. Express Install is preconfigured with your certificate’s common name and site settings. You sign into your account, confirm you want to install, and then it’s done. With a few clicks you have successfully installed your SSL Certificate.

Benefits for Sys Admins

Eliminates Human Error

The process of installing an SSL Certificate is prone to human error. Express Install only takes a few clicks and takes the problematic elements out of the process.


Express Install works with the same effectiveness whether you use it for one certificate or thousands. The tool was created so the process could be endlessly replicated and in order to ease the burden for system admins.

No SSL Expertise Needed

DigiCert offers certificates for small shops and large corporations. Whether you have a complex PKI environment or only need a couple of certificates it doesn’t matter—the tool is useful for everyone, not just SSL experts. It takes the hard work out of the process, so any individual can enable HTTPS across a site.

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