This Month in SSL: November 2015

Here is our latest news roundup of articles about network and SSL security. (Click here to see the whole series.) SSL & Encryption News Microsoft is reconsidering when they will deprecate support for SHA-1 Certificates due to research about increasing risks associated with using this hash. This blog post discusses deprecating the algorithm as early […]

Researchers Track “Tens of Thousands of Users” with Grindr App Geolocation Vulnerabilities

Security researchers Colby Moore and Patrick Wardle reveal how poor security practices in mobile application development could reveal your location to anyone.

Android Browser Bug Allows Same Origin Policy Bypass

The AOSP browser in pre-4.4 Android devices contains a vulnerability that allows hackers to see the contents of other web pages that are open during a browser session. This vulnerability affects a huge number of Android devices in use right now, and there is even a Metasploit module to exploit it. “This is a privacy […]

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