Countdown to Launch

Have you noticed we’re not adding new features to our partner portals or APIs lately? Instead, we’ve been concentrating on building the next generation partner platform. Of course, we still want to resolve any issues with the existing services (whether large or small), including the following in our latest update. Bug fixes We’ve fixed several […]

Apple & Safari Plans to Distrust Symantec Certificates

I’m a big fan of transparency in communications, so I’m breaking my usual format to ensure that you don’t miss this blog post about Apple and Safari about Apple’s plans to distrust Symantec certificates. The good news is that Apple’s announcement does not require you to deviate from any plans you already had for migrating […]

Important Service Announcement 5 June 2018

This communication contains important updates regarding your customers’ implementations of Complete Website Security (CWS) and Managed PKI for SSL (MSSL) products and services. Please take a moment to read this information so you can convey it to them directly. The following MSSL and CWS enhancement is planned for release on 30 June 2018: Organizational unit […]

Improved Threat Detection, New SANs on old contracts, & GDPR

This week’s release introduces another set of changes to our platform, which you can find in the following paragraphs. Malware Scan and Vulnerability Assessment Early in May, we announced changes to the Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment tools offered on various SSL certificate products within our Symantec Secure Site suite. Our scan results format has […]

Partner Newsletter Issue 3 May 2018

WELCOME This third issue of our DigiCert Partner News finds seemingly everyone on the planet obsessed with the looming deadline of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. We’ve got something to say about that (scroll down), but first, thank you for taking time to catch up with us. About DigiCert  DigiCert has a strong […]

Ready, Reset, Go

This week’s release presses “play” on features that have been paused for a while during our integration of DigiCert and Symantec Website Security systems. First things first: Thank you for your patience! As a reward for sticking with us, we’re treating you to something that you’ve requested for quite some time. Pilot Environment Now Offers […]

Upcoming EOL & Service Improvements

Changes are coming to the Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment functionality across our Symantec and GeoTrust products. Changes will also be made to the Symantec Seal-in-Search functionality. Please read the details below such that you can change your buy flows and marketing for new customers, and adjust the expectations of existing customers. Geotrust Anti-Malware Scanning […]

Increased Renewal Window

I promised a release this week, specifically on 26 April. And that’s exactly what (and when) we’ll be delivering! I’m especially proud at my team for this release. They have rolled out a couple new features, while at the same time smashing over 20 bugs in our system! And that in only 7 days—and right […]

Improved Reissue Lifecycle Management

We just released updates for DigiCert’s partner platform and API, and wanted to let you know about the latest improvements. Reissuance OrderEvent Types Updated This week we resolved a problem with reissuing certificates through our partner API. Here’s an example of the problem we were seeing: When an in-process resissue order was cancelled, the API […]