A Star is Born. And Reborn.

Reincarnation is often referred-to as “life after death”. But I’m now a believer that reincarnation happens without requiring something’s death first. To demonstrate my point, take the example of today’s announcement of our new TLS/SSL certificate product family: DigiCert Secure Site™. That’s right – Secure Site. But *DigiCert* Secure Site. And without requiring the death […]

Rollin’ with the Changes

We’ve come so far in the development of the CertCentral partner portal that it’s been in beta. And while we now must put all our available dev resources into its development, as a result, we must stop developing the legacy Website Security partner portals. Now, don’t panic. That (^^^) doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore […]

Email address transition from Symantec to DigiCert

Early in August, we provided notification regarding changing the email address domain name in the validation emails we send.  (e.g., validation@symantec.com to validation@digicert.com ). We would like to inform you that this went live on 31 August 2018. Late last week, Symantec Corporation asked us to imminently transition the remaining email addresses we use away from @symantec.com […]

Integrations and Improvements Continue

Sometimes, we’re quiet when we’re busy. But it’s time to break our silence and let you know what we’ve been working on. DCV scoping issue fixed Call us thorough – please. It was a really complex process to find the 31 separate use cases for this issue, but we’ve now fixed every way that this […]

Partner Newsletter – Issue 4

WELCOME France, Croatia, Brazil, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, Belgium… For our partners worldwide, this fourth issue of our DigiCert Partner News comes after World Cup fury and frenzy has finally subsided. Since our network Certified Partners is global, now we can safely communicate without the sporting noise of national pride blocking our shot. So let’s put […]

Countdown to Launch

Have you noticed we’re not adding new features to our partner portals or APIs lately? Instead, we’ve been concentrating on building the next generation partner platform. Of course, we still want to resolve any issues with the existing services (whether large or small), including the following in our latest update. Bug fixes We’ve fixed several […]

Apple & Safari Plans to Distrust Symantec Certificates

I’m a big fan of transparency in communications, so I’m breaking my usual format to ensure that you don’t miss this blog post about Apple and Safari about Apple’s plans to distrust Symantec certificates. The good news is that Apple’s announcement does not require you to deviate from any plans you already had for migrating […]

Important Service Announcement 5 June 2018

This communication contains important updates regarding your customers’ implementations of Complete Website Security (CWS) and Managed PKI for SSL (MSSL) products and services. Please take a moment to read this information so you can convey it to them directly. The following MSSL and CWS enhancement is planned for release on 30 June 2018: Organizational unit […]

Improved Threat Detection, New SANs on old contracts, & GDPR

This week’s release introduces another set of changes to our platform, which you can find in the following paragraphs. Malware Scan and Vulnerability Assessment Early in May, we announced changes to the Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment tools offered on various SSL certificate products within our Symantec Secure Site suite. Our scan results format has […]