This Week in SSL – Mozilla Revokes 1024-bit Roots Certs, Two-Factor Under Attack, Chinese MITM Attacks

Let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing news articles this week about SSL Certificates and network security. Security Growing Pangs Loom For 100K+ Sites with Newly Untrusted Certificates Ericka Chickowski of InformationWeek Dark Reading reveals that last week Mozilla revoked a number of root certificates using 1024-bit keys. These root certificates chained […]

This Week in SSL – Apple Cloud, Common Ecommerce Mistakes, and Google’s Aggressive SHA-2 Stance

Here is a compilation of some of the more interesting news articles this week on the topic of SSL Certificates and Internet security. CERT/CC Enumerates Android App SSL Validation Failures At, Michael Mimoso takes a look at work being done by researcher Will Dormann at the CERT Coordination Center at the Software Engineering Institute […]

This Week in SSL – Heartbleed Aftermath, Cert Revocation, HTTPS and Hosting Providers

Here is a roundup of interesting news articles published this week on the topic of SSL and network security. A Tale of Heartbleed Danny Bradbury of Infosecurity Magazine looks at the aftermath of the Heartbleed Bug in this informative story. He raises a number of concerns, including the fact that over 200,000 popular websites remain […]

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