This Month in SSL: August 2015

Here is our latest news roundup of articles about network and SSL security. (Click here to see the whole series.) SSL & Encryption News Entrust created a helpful infographic that shows what changes are planned for the industry and when those changes will occur. Data Breaches Earlier this year the IRS announced that their systems […]

Logjam Attack: What You Need to Know

The Logjam attack does not affect SSL Certificates, but admins should disable support for DHE_EXPORT ciphers and generate a unique 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman group. Users should update their browsers to the most recent version and then watch for updates.

Understanding the Google Chrome Connection Tab

Chrome has made changes to the Connection Tab in Chrome 44. For the updated blog post, click here. The yellow triangle or red ‘X’ icons in Google Chrome’s “Connection” Tab are alarming and can be difficult to understand. Below are four brief explanations about what causes the warnings and some tips for resolving related problems. Public Audit […]

Certificate Inspector: Missing Fields

DigiCert Certificate Inspector is included as part of the CertCentral BETA program DigiCert announced on April 20, 2015. Although Certificate Inspector is not a new certificate management service, it is still essential for assuring that your SSL Certificates are compliant with industry standards and are deployed correctly. Certificate Inspector helps you make sure your certificates […]

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