Certificate Monitoring & Express Install: SSL Management Made Easy

Today DigiCert announced the opening of our CertCentral BETA program and the rollout of two new, innovative certificate management services: Certificate Monitoring and Express Install.

The core features in CertCentral include:

  • Certificate Monitoring: Monitoring gives organizations insight into global certificate issuance in order to prevent unauthorized certificates and prevent fraud.
  • Certificate Inspection: Inspection makes certificate discovery and inventory a simple process. The service identifies certificates and server vulnerabilities to help advance SSL/TLS security best practices and help server administrators properly secure their servers.
  • Express Install: With administrators in mind, Express Install eliminates the hassle of installing SSLs and configuring HTTPS with a multi-platform utility that reduces installation and configuration into just a few clicks. Express Install supports both Windows and Apache (CentOS, Ubuntu) server platforms.
  • Certificate Management: Consolidating all of the certificate management features into one cloud-based platform, organizations can centralize certificate management, create approval workflows, and improve security, efficiency, and oversight.

Certificate Monitoring

Using DigiCert’s proprietary algorithm, DigiCert Certificate Monitoring parses data from Google Certificate Transparency (CT) logs and DigiCert’s own Google-approved CT log (we are the only CA to run a Google-approved CT log) to discover, in real time, all certificates an organization has. At the same time, Certificate Monitoring includes phishing detection that identifies variants of an organization’s domain name.

To sign up for a free certificate monitoring account, visit www.digicert.com/certificate-monitoring.

Express Install

DigiCert Express Install helps streamline certificate installation and configuration. The automated Express Install service installs and updates renewals with only one click onto an organizations servers. This service will save time, money, and headaches. Because the process is significantly simplified, business owners (especially small business owners) will not have to extend their limited resources to install and configure their certificates. The automation of Express Install will also help cut-down human error significantly.

To learn more, visit www.digicert.com/express-install.

The Evolution of Certificate Management

CertCentral represents the next stage in the evolution of certificate management.

We see the core services of CertCentral, inspection and inventory, monitoring, express install, and certificate management as a major step forward in enterprise security and key services to help enable better privacy and security on the Web.

  • Hi – can I not set this up simply, after logging into my digicert account? It seems to be asking me to create another account, which makes no sense.

    • Shaun Clarke

      I believe it uses a separate account database so you should create a new account rather than trying to use your existing DigiCert credentials.

      • @disqus_W692GTFp9z:disqus, hi, that’s what it appears like. I’m wondering if Digicert can say why that is.

        • We wanted to let anyone try Certificate Monitoring while we’re still getting feedback and fine tuning the system for Certificate Monitoring. We’ll be rolling out the new system to all current DigiCert accounts in the upcoming weeks.

          • Hi Flavio – ok, so it’s beta. Please advise when it’s released. I’d like to try it in whatever the final version is.

          • Flavio Martins

            We’ll keep you posted on the updates to the service.

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