Chevron Phillips Spotlight

We’d like to take a break from the norm here and spotlight one of our esteemed clients. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LLC has been using various DigiCert security products including, SSL Plus, Wildcard Plus, EV Multi-Domain, and Unified Communications Certificates since 2011. We asked their Messaging Analyst, David Moore, why Chevron decided to make the switch to DigiCert four years ago. He told us, “We had used another C.A. previously. I thought it was extremely overpriced and they were hard to get ahold of. We switched over because of cost and customer service.” The fact that “DigiCert was on the Approved Microsoft List of Certificate Authorities that work with Exchange” was also a deciding factor according to Moore.

The one standout, Moore says, is DigiCert’s customer support team. “When you call or chat, you are always talking to someone who actually knows what he is talking about and you aren’t passed around from person to person.” Of course if the product does not provide value, customer service can only do so much. So we asked David about Chevron’s experience with DigiCert’s security products. He said, “We’ve never had a problem with DigiCert. We have not experienced any security breaches or issues.”

We are pleased to have Chevron Phillips as one of our clients and asked Moore if he plans on staying with us for a while. “You guys get done what you’re supposed to get done and pick up the phone when you’re supposed to pick up the phone. If you get the job done, we’re going to keep coming back.” Thank you for your loyalty David, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations for years to come.

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