Announcements 11-06-2013

Delivering "Chuck Norris-Approved" SSL Customer Service


Customer support at DigiCert is unlike any other type of technical support.

Every day, DigiCert SSL engineers with with server and network administrators from all sizes of organizations.

Customer service team members can answer basic sales calls for an individual setting up a personal web site, then turn around and join a conference call with government agencies or Fortune 500 administrators troubleshooting complex SSL deployment issues.

We've had many opportunities to field customer feedback over the years and implement it in ways that improve our product, our customer support, and the overall DigiCert experience.

One of our valued customers is Houston, Texas-based Paloma Resources, a private oil and gas exploration/production company founded in 2004. Backed by the financial strength of Encap Investments and Macquarie Americas, Paloma Resources has established an extensive track record of creating significant value for its stakeholders.

In a recent feedback email, the team at Paloma shared their experience with the DigiCert Difference. Paloma Technology Director, Jon Ruehle, raved about his experience with the DigiCert level of customer service.

Ruehle discovered DigiCert through word-of-mouth referral from a trusted tech friend. He needed something simple and easy to manage since he only deals with certificates every couple years. Ruehle admits he's no expert when it comes to SSL Certificates, so getting great customer service from his SSL provider is critical.

Chuck Norris Approved SSL Customer Support

The primary needs for Paloma Resources at the time were to get their Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Access working properly. Working with the DigiCert customer support team Paloma's SSL Certificates were installed quickly and with no hassle. Jon has dubbed his support rep the "Chuck Norris of tech support" (A title we’re sure he'll be using on his next resume). "He made it easy and he made it work and that's just what I needed," Ruehle says.

Jon told us when he receives such fantastic service he feels the need to let everybody know that somebody is going a great job. Since Jon found DigiCert by way of referral we asked him if he would refer other "tech buddies" to DigiCert after the experience he's had. In response he said,

“Because of DigiCert’s flexible certificates and…outstanding level of help and expertise, I will recommend DigiCert to my IT peers. Absolutely, no question about it!”

Real Customer Service...Really.

Real customer service isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. At DigiCert, every customer is a VIP. The award-winning SSL technical support at DigiCert helps with any SSL Certificate error that customers and non-customers may have.

Our customers are who keep us in business so support is never outsourced and we never put customers through queues or frustrating phone menus. Day and night, DigiCert has friendly SSL engineers ready to help.


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