Security 11-12-2013

Go Green This Cyber Monday


Ready or not, Cyber Monday is steadily approaching.  An exciting time for consumers, and an equally exciting time for cybercriminals.

An article by John Casaretto in Silicon Angle sites some alarming statistics from a recent RSA study regarding the increase in attacks around the holiday shopping season.

Casaretto writes, "Another astonishing discovery is that despite the fact that a majority of merchants experience a spike in attacks centered around the holidays, most admit they are not able to detect them."

The study's findings were eye-opening to say the least. Take a minute and read the article for yourself and tell us what you think.

Here at DigiCert we want to make sure your customers are seeing green when they visit your site, so that you end up in the black. Green means go, and in this case, is the color your web browser address bar turns if you’re visiting a site that’s taken the time to assert its true identity through a rigorous process known as Extended Validation.

Keep your customers safe and your transactions secure. Don't ignore the warnings and get ready for the holiday rush now.


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