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Android Browser Bug Allows Same Origin Policy Bypass

The AOSP browser in pre-4.4 Android devices contains a vulnerability that allows hackers to see the contents of other web pages that are open during a browser session. This vulnerability affects a huge number of Android devices in use right now, and...

This Week in SSL – Mozilla Revokes 1024-bit Roots Certs, Two-Factor Under Attack, Chinese MITM Attacks

Let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing news articles this week about SSL Certificates and network security. Security Growing Pangs Loom For 100K+ Sites with Newly Untrusted Certificates Ericka Chickowski of InformationWeek Dark...

Google Ending Trust for SHA-1 SSL Sites, How it Affects You

Google and Microsoft have both announced that they would end support for the SHA-1 hashing function used in a majority of SSL Certificates online at a later date, giving the 85% sites that still use SHA-1 certificates time to plan their...

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