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One-Year Public-Trust SSL Certificates: DigiCert’s Here to Help

UPDATE: While the industry has shortened validity times, we still offer service plans of up to 2, 3, even 6 years—and the automation to make it seamless. By now you’ve likely heard about Apple’s announcement at the February 2020 Certificate Authority/Browser Forum meeting that they will no longer accept publicly trusted TLS webserver certificates valid […]

Moving forward: What DigiCert’s CT2 log retirement means for you

UPDATE: May 6, 2020 Today, Google announced its plans to deprecate the CT2 log used for logging certificates under the Certificate Transparency program. We placed the log in read-only mode on May 3 and it will be retired from the CT program officially on May 19. How does this impact customers and partners? The Google […]

Remote Secure Document Signing

Sign documents from anywhere with digital document signing service In the environment of remote working, it is important to maintain business continuity. Even before the current global crisis, organizations were looking to innovate and digitize their business to save time and money. With many physical buildings closed, this creates a unique problem for industries where […]

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