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New Code Signing Working Group Chartered Due to Regulation Changes in CA/Browser Forum

With changes to the governance regulations in the CA/Browser Forum, a new Code Signing Working Group was officially chartered in March 2019. The working group is composed of Certificate Authorities and certificate consumers (operating systems that consume these certificates), and its main goal is to set standards related to the issuance and management of code […]

Critical Assets – The Similarities Between Your Brain and Your Bike

A few weeks ago I was out on a bike ride with some friends and had a malfunction with my bike going downhill at 35 mph. I went over my handlebars and hit the pavement hard — I remember feeling my head hit the ground. Miraculously, I walked away from this accident with a minor […]

Malware, Measles, and Misinformation

The security world is an interesting one to live in. It’s fraught with ever-growing connectivity constantly being plagued by “digital pathogens” or “digital diseases” that our industry must regularly grapple with to prevent everything from melting down into a hot mess. It is not at all unlike the way things were around a century or […]

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