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DigiCert Agile Adoption Case Study

In July 2017, DigiCert was a mid-tier Certificate Authority and web security company with about 250 employees. About 40 of those employees were in Software Development, and they all sat within shouting distance of each other on a single floor of an office building in Lehi, Utah. By December of 2017, DigiCert had exploded to […]

NIST’s “Mitigating IoT-Based Distributed Denial of Service” Study

The explosive growth of Internet of Things (IoT)-based devices has been a boon for manufacturers and consumers. There seems to be no end to the variety of products we can bring online. You probably never thought egg cartons and waste bins would be connected to the Internet – but they are. However, what starts off […]

Announcing DigiCert Secure Site: The Industry’s Most Feature-Rich TLS Certificate Solution

This month we have launched DigiCert Secure Site – a new suite of certificate solutions for organizations prioritizing online trust and identity. Secure Site is available as a Single-Domain, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, and EV, which all include a package of exclusive new features: Display the Norton Secure Seal, the world’s most recognized website trust mark: Significantly […]

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