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HTTPS-Only Features in Major Browsers

You may not know this little fact: certain browser features require HTTPS to work. Features like getting a user’s location, accessing their microphone, or storing data locally on their device, all require that your website supports HTTPS. We...

Common Certificate Errors from

If you’re getting a pop-up warning about * that says, “ identity of this website cannot be verified” or “ name on the security certificate is invalid,” this post is here to help. is operated by Bright Roll, a company...

DigiCert Now Validating & Issuing SSL/TLS Certificates for Symantec Customers

Symantec-issued certificates do not need to be reissued now, during the busy holiday season, but will need to be reissued starting in 2018. DigiCert has met the December 1 deadline of integrating with Symantec systems, and all validation and...

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