DigiCert Announces Post-Quantum Computing Test Kit

Throughout the year, we have been blogging about the quantum computing revolution that is just over the horizon, and its implications for security and cryptography. It’s too early to predict when it will be possible to build a scalable quantum computer, but the latest research from the National Academy of Sciences makes it clear that […]

DigiCert on Quantum 3: When it is necessary to start transitioning to quantum-safe algorithms

In previous articles in this series, we have discussed the threat quantum computing poses to classical cryptography and the difficulty of predicting when a cryptographically relevant quantum computer will arrive. In this article, we will discuss how to determine when it is necessary to start transitioning to quantum-safe algorithms. The answer will be different for […]

Networking4All + DigiCert: Putting the Future of the Customer First

“The biggest challenge today is that companies don’t think they’re at risk.” — Frank Leest, Founder & CEO Networking4All When it comes to security, Networking4All CEO Frank Leest would rather be proactive than reactive. That’s why he spends a lot of his time thinking about what his customers will need in two, five and even […]