Best Practices 05-05-2016

Tips for Digital Spring Cleaning

April showers bring May flowers, and also remind us that it’s time for spring cleaning. So as we start cleaning out our basements and filtering through our unnecessary belongings with this change of seasons, it’s important not to skip over our digital junk rooms both at home and at work.

Digital spring cleaning is essential, not only to keep enterprises organized online, but more importantly to keep them safe online. The following tips will help individuals and organizations take their mop to any digital storage:

Keep Clean Machines

  • Update software on all Internet-connected devices to reduce risks from malware and infections.
  • Scan with antivirus solution manually, even if automatic scans are in place. Doing so periodically may detect and remove malware or suspicious files promptly before the next automatic scan on.

Make Security the Priority

  • Turn on two-factor authentication on critical accounts like email or banking websites.
  • Secure your router and update its software as well. Make sure it is password protected and that the network does not broadcast who you are by its name; e.g., “DigiCert.”
  • Make stronger and more unique passwords, and store them safely away from your computer or by using a password manager.
  • Check to ensure all devices are secured by a password or some other form of authentication.

Purge and Protect Digital Files

  • Clean out old emails and empty deleted folders. If you keep old messages, move them to an archive.
  • Delete or archive old files like outdated financial statements.
  • If disposing of electronics, look for facilities that will shred hard drives, disks, and memory cards. Wiping data isn’t enough to keep disposed data out of the wrong hands.
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters, email alerts, and updates you no longer read.
  • Back up files, and then copy important data to a secure cloud site or separate drive where it can be safely stored.
  • Password protect back-up drives and keep them in a different location off the network.
  • Permanently delete all old files on all devices.

For a weekly layout of digital spring cleaning steps, visit the Better Business Bureau. Lastly, don’t forget to implement a five step plan towards better business security after cleaning out digital closets this spring.


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