Finding the domain emails for a domain (WHOIS-based and constructed)

DigiCert strives to improve and enhance CertCentral® (certificate management platform). We've enhanced the Domain management – Get domain control email endpoint to make is easier to find the domain emails for a domain (WHOIS-based and constructed).

The Get domain control emails endpoint allows those using the DigiCert Services API to discover where the DCV emails for a domain are sent. For more information, see our DigiCert Services API documentation.

Endpoint Details

With this endpoint, you make a call that retrieves the domain emails for a domain (WHOIS-based and constructed), so that you know where the DCV emails are sent. For more information, see Domain emails endpoint

Endpoint Definition




Where {{domain}} is the domain ID or domain name.



Response Body

The response for this endpoint can be returned in one of the following formats:

  • application/json
  • application/xml

JSON Response Parameters


Data Type


name_scope [string] The domain name used to define the scope of the returned email addresses
base_emails [array] List of constructed email addresses for the domain
whois_emails [array] List of email addresses found in the domain's WHOIS record

Example Requests


Search using the domain ID


Search using the domain name



X-DC-DEVKEY: {api_key}
Content-Type: application/json

Sample Response

Status Code: 200
When successful, this request returns a 200 OK status.

Body: JSON (application/json)

    "name_scope": "",
    "base_emails": [
    "whois_emails": [