In the CertCentral API, the Submit Orders endpoints, which allow you to automatically or manually renew certificates, has been updated. This change affects client certificate orders and client certificate renewal orders. For more information, see our DigiCert Services API documentation.

Client Certificate Orders:

On a client certificate order, the "is_renewed" value is properly included in the returned response body.

  • If the order has not been renewed, the "is_renewed" field is false.

    "is_renewed": false,
  • If the order has been renewed, the "is_renewed" field is true.

    "is_renewed": true,

CertCentral API - Client Certificate Renewals

These changes only apply to client certificate renewals that are manually triggered; it does not not apply to those triggered by the auto-renew functionality.


When using the CertCentral API to place a client certificate renewal request, you add the following parameter to the Endpoint: POST /order/certificate/{order_id} body: "renewal_of_order_id": "1234567"


Now, when you view the new order (the renewal of the original expiring certificate order), the two renewal fields are in the returned response body: "is_renewed": true,
"renewed_order_id": 1234567,

The "renewed_order_id" is the order id of the original order you renewed.