Improving the certificate issuance process to allow for immediate certificate issuance

DigiCert strives to improve and enhance CertCentral® (certificate management platform). On October 3, 2017, we released the immediate certificate issuance feature, which improves how certificate issuance works for your CertCentral account. The immediate certificate issuance feature is especially useful if you are using the DigiCert Services API as it can reduce the API calls from 3 to 1.

Immediate Certificate Issuance Feature

In CertCentral, the immediate certificate issuance feature allows certificates to be issued immediately if the following certificate request prerequisites are met:

  • The domain for the order is preapproved.

  • The organization associated with the domain is preapproved.

  • The Auto Approve Request feature is configured for your account.

  • The requestor has permissions to approve certificate requests.

If all of these prerequisites are met, we return your submit request call with an issued certificate. It’s that easy. If any of the prerequisites are missing, immediate certificate issuance cannot happen. For example, if the domain was not preapproved, the request cannot be issued until our Validation team has validated your domain control. Also, if the requestor doesn’t have approval permissions, an admin or manager must approve the request before we can issue the certificate.

For more information, including how to configure your Submit Order endpoints for your CertCentral account to use the immediate certificate issuance feature, see the CertCentral Immediate Certificate Issuance Guide. If you have questions, please contact your account representative.