Viewing the status of DCV and Organization validation for an Order

DigiCert strives to improve and enhance CertCentral® (certificate management platform). We have added a new endpoint to help you better manage your certificates. The Retrieve Order Validation endpoint allows those using the DigiCert Services API to discover what the validation status is for the DCV and organization validations on a specific order (i.e., do any of the domains or organizations on a current order need to be revalidated when you go to issue, renew or reissue a certificate). For more API information, see our DigiCert Services API documentation..

Endpoint Details

With this endpoint, you make a call that returns the DCV status, DCV method, and expiration for each DNSName along with the status and expiration for each organization on a specific order. For more information, see Validation status endpoint

Endpoint Definition




Response Body

The response for this endpoint can be returned in one of the following formats:

  • application/json
  • application/xml

JSON Response Parameters


Data Type


order_id [int] The order ID.
order_status [string] The status of the order.
Status types:
  • canceled
  • issued
  • pending
  • processing
  • rejected
  • revoked
organization_validations [array]  
type [string] The organization validation type for the order.
Validation types:
  • ov
  • ev
  • cs
  • ev_cs
  • ds
  • grid
  • private_ssl
  • private_grid
name [string] Name of the validation type.
description [string] A more descriptive, longer name for the validation type.
date_created [ISO 8601 date] The date that the organization was validated on.
This field may be missing if the organization validation is still in progress.
validated_until [ISO 8601 date] The date when an organization validation expires.
This field may be missing if the organization validation is still in progress.
status [string] The status of the organization.
Status types:
  • active
  • pending
  • rejected
dns_name_validations [array]  
name_scope [string] The validated name scope of the DNS name.
approval_scope [string] The scope of the DNS name approval.
Scope types:
  • subdomains
  • exact
status [string] The status of the DNS name approval.
Status types:
  • approved
  • expired
  • unapproved
method [string] The Domain Control Validation (DCV) method used to show control of the domain.
Method types:
  • cname
  • demo
  • email
  • phone
  • standing_email
  • standing_phone
  • txt
dns_name [array] The DNS names on the order.
approval_expiration_date [ISO 8601 date] Date when the DNS name approval expires.

Example Request




X-DC-DEVKEY: Your-API-Key-Generated-In-Your-Account
Content-Type: application/json

Sample JSON Response

    "order_id": "12345",
    "order_status": "issued",
    "organization_validations": [
            "type": "ev",
            "name": "EV",
            "description": "Extended Organization Validation (EV)",
            "date_created": "2017-09-11T06:48:44+00:00",
            "validated_until": "2018-02-21T18:09:29+00:00",
            "status": "active"
    "dns_name_validations": [
            "name_scope": "",
            "approval_scope": "subdomains",
            "status": "approved",
            "method": "email",
            "dns_names": [
            "approval_expiration_date": "2018-04-02T15:56:51+00:00"