Monitor Certificate Issuance for Brand Protection

DigiCert Certificate Monitoring provides a comprehensive overview of all SSL Certificates for your domain and variants, allowing you to detect phishing attempts, prevent fraud, stop unauthorized SSL issuance, and protect your brand. Notifications of possible fraudulent certificates will ensure that you stay on top of securing your domains.

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Key Features

Track All Data Sources

Certificate Monitoring gives you the ability to track the data sources of all public certificates, allowing you to stay informed of your security.

Identify All Certificates

Certificate Monitoring lets you check all certificates issued for your domain in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Enforce Brand and IP Protection

Certificate Monitoring assists you in protecting your brand by providing you with increased transparency of all your variants.

Detect Phishing Attacks

Certificate Monitoring allows you to detect phishing attacks in order to protect your organization's and your customers' security.

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