1. Introduction
  2. Order Management
  3. Sample Code
  4. Errors and Troubleshooting
  5. Appendix
  6. Print-Friendly Documentation

Order Management - Order a Code Signing Certificate

Request Endpoint


Request Parameters

Parameters are encoded in one of the content types that is accepted by the endpoint.

Parameter NameReq/OptAllowed ValuesDefaultDescription
validityRequired1, 2, 3Certificate validity length in years.
platformRequired*see EV CS Platforms, CS PlatformsThe platform or hardware token on which your certificate will be installed. Only optional if you choose to have a token shipped to you.
cs_provisioning_methodOptional*'ship_token', 'client_app'For EV Code Signing Certificates. Request a hardware token, or install yourself using our tool. See EV CS Platforms.
cs_ship_methodOptional*'standard', 'expedited''standard'Shipping method for hardware token if ordered
ship_nameOptional**[string]Name of person hardware token should be shipped to.
ship_addr1Optional**[string]Shipping address line 1 for hardware token
ship_addr2Optional[string][blank]Shipping address line 2 for hardware token
ship_cityOptional**[string]Shipping city for hardware token
ship_stateOptional**[string]Shipping state for hardware token
ship_zipOptional**[string]Shipping zip code for hardware token
ship_countryOptional**[string]Shipping country for hardware token
org_unitOptional[string][blank]This is the OU field to be included in the certificate.
org_nameRequired[string]Name of organization which owns common name.
org_addr1Required[string]Address line 1 of the organization's address.
org_addr2Optional[string][blank]Address line 2 of the organization's address.
org_cityRequired[string]City of organization's address.
org_stateRequired[string]State / Province of the organization's address.
org_zipRequired[string]Zip or Postal code of the organization's address.
org_countryRequiredsee Country CodesA two character, lowercase abbreviation for country.
telephoneRequired[numeric string][blank]Main telephone number of the organization.
org_contact_job_titleRequired[string][blank]Title of contact working at the organization.
org_contact_firstnameRequired[string]First name of the organization contact.
org_contact_lastnameRequired[string]Last name of the organization contact.
org_contact_emailRequired[valid email address]Email address of the organization contact.
org_contact_telephoneRequired[numeric string]Telephone number of the organization contact.
org_contact_telephone_extOptional[numeric string][blank]Extension number of the organization contact.
evOptional'true' or 'false''false'Whether this is an EV certificate request or not.

* Fields are required in some cases, not allowed in others. See descriptions.
** Shipping address fields are all required if a hardware token is being shipped, unless none are present, in which case the token will be shipped to the organization address.


Parameter NameData TypeDescription
order_id[integer]The unique identifier of the certificate order related to the request

Sample Request




Authorization: Basic MDAxMDA3OnNreWZhbGw=
Content-Length: 488
Content-Type: application/vnd.digicert.rest-v1+json
User-Agent: MyAPIConsumer/0.42


  "validity": "1",
  "platform": "2",
  "cs_provisioning_method": "client_app",
  "org_name": "My Company",
  "org_addr1": "19 Windsor Court",
  "org_addr2": "",
  "org_city": "Tampa",
  "org_state": "FL",
  "org_zip": "33615",
  "org_country": "US",
  "telephone": "555-555-1234",
  "org_contact_firstname": "Gary",
  "org_contact_lastname": "McCoy",
  "org_contact_job_title": "CTO",
  "org_contact_email": "gm@example.com",
  "org_contact_telephone": "555-555-1234",
  "ev": "true"

Sample Response

Note that with this sample request, it would return JSON. Including XML for comparison.

Status Code: 201


Content-Length: 25
Content-Type: application/vnd.digicert.rest-v1+json


JSON (application/vnd.digicert.rest-v1+json)XML (application/vnd.digicert.rest-v1+xml)