Digital Certificates for Adobe AIR

Adobe Code Signing Certification

Adobe code signing certificates from DigiCert can be used to digitally sign applications for Adobe AIR as well as a variety of applications outside of Adobe, such as Microsoft authenticode, java applets, and almost any other application for which code signing would be necessary.

Code signing is designed to protect users of a particular piece of code (generally one that is widely distributed or available online) from being tricked into installing something other than what they were expecting. By putting a digital signature on an application, developers can ensure that end users who install or run their code are warned before running code that has been tampered with or modified. For Adobe specific purposes, unsigned applications cannot be run on Adobe AIR, for example.

Why Chose DigiCert Code Signing Certificates?

DigiCert is a leading provider of digital encryption and authentication services, with widely trusted and highly ubiquitous root certificates trusted by all major devices, platforms, and operating systems. We have recently expanded our product lineup to include code signing certificates to help our customers who require code signing to be able to obtain all their certificates from one provider.

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What are Code Signing Certificates?

A code signing certificate is a digital certificate used to digitally sign code for a variety of applications (Adobe AIR is just one of the many platforms and applications that work with DigiCert code signing certificates) to prevent unidentified third parties modifying or tampering with code before it is distributed to the end user.

Signed code provides a valid signature and confirmation of the identity of both the certificate issuer as well as the organization that created and signed the code. If a third party were to attempt to manipulate signed code the signature would be invalidated, and present users with a warning before executing the modified and potentially malicious code.