Advisory on EV UI Break in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Recently users reported that they were not seeing EV status on in Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer browser (where “Paypal, Inc. [US]” was not displaying in the address bar, only a padlock icon).

This was caused by a bug which has since been patched by Microsoft and was deployed to Edge and Internet Explorer on October 2nd. There was never a security issue posed by this bug – the impact was limited only to the EV display not working.

SSL Certificates contain data strings known as “OIDs” and web browsers parse these to understand the certificate’s purpose and functionality. In Edge and Internet Explorer there was an unexpected behavior in parsing these OIDs which was causing the lack of the EV display.

This is now resolved in both of Microsoft’s browsers. Users can run Windows Update in any supported version of Windows to receive the update which will restore the EV indicator.