Election Security: Secure Voter Data and Avoid Phishing

Be smart with websites and emails about elections With the U.S. elections quickly approaching, we’ve been talking about various aspects of election security. In previous posts we explained why elections are not administered online and discussed secure voting methods. Today we’ll dive into trust indicators for election communications, including how to avoid phishing and secure […]

What is the Most Secure Voting Method?

In our last post we explained why elections are not run online — even though it seems most aspects of our lives are online — especially since the pandemic has required innovative solutions for remote life. This article will examine the current voting methods, using the example of the United States as it prepares for […]

Why Elections are Not 100% Online — Yet

Every democratic nation faces the challenge of determining the best way to administer a vote, and the U.S. elections are often considered the most complicated in the world. As the U.S. prepares for the 2020 presidential election, voters rightfully have a range of questions on their minds, including, how will the pandemic affect the safety […]

Credentialing Devices, Users at Scale and When They Connect: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s PKI

Device identity (or device birth certificate) involves pinpointing what exactly is connecting to the network. It helps to strengthen organizations’ overall security. Device identity in the manufacturing space Developing device birth certificates is a salient concern among many manufacturing organizations. These entities are looking to credential devices, identify them, authenticate them and update them appropriately. […]

Predictions About IoT and Digital Transformation in 2020

This time of year, three things are almost certain. You will be tempted by all flavors of festive treats. You will wish holiday greetings to friends, family, teammates, customers and partners so often you may go hoarse (worth it!). And you will contemplate what’s going to happen in 2020. You’ve likely even made some predictions […]

What’s in a Name? Reviewing Website Identification

The use of TLS certificates to secure and identify websites has dramatically expanded on the World Wide Web. This has been driven by browsers showing negative indicators for non-https sites, thus encouraging websites to use TLS. The screenshots below show Firefox’s and Chrome’s new indicator for sites that are not using a TLS certificate: Figure […]