Upgrading to CertCentral Partner®: So Far, and What’s Next?

As part of the DigiCert purchase of Symantec website security and PKI solutions in November 2017, we promised to bring those Symantec systems up to modern compliance standards, deprecate unnecessary systems and improve the customer experience. Over the past two years, we’ve been working through a major transition plan to upgrade Symantec partners to one […]

EOS of CWS/MSSL, plus domain-related changes

Changes are coming for resellable Symantec™ branded Enterprise offerings and Symantec web addresses. Read the details below so you can be ready to meet the expectations of your customers and ensure continuity for your revenue stream and operations. What to know Enterprise TLS/SSL offerings CWS and MSSL To advance our brand transition as the leader […]

Upgrading Your Current Usage of DigiCert CertCentral

On October 23, legacy DigiCert partners will get an advance upgrade to our modern, intuitive platform – DigiCert CertCentral Partner. Our top priority has always been to simplify the certificate management process so you can spend more time doing the things you want and less time managing your certificates. This means that certificate management is […]

Big Changes Coming to Legacy Partner Portals and API

Changes are coming for our legacy partner portals and APIs. Read the details below so you can be ready to meet the expectations of your customers. What to know To complete our brand transition as the leader in TLS/SSL products, several elements of our legacy Encryption Everywhere, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec and Thawte partner portals and […]

Partner Advisory: In-browser CSR generation support dropped in Firefox 69

What You Need to Know Mozilla removed support for the non-standard (keygen) HTML element and HTMLKeygenElement DOM interface in Firefox 69. This aligns with the trend following other leading browsers: Google Chrome removed support for this public key generator functionality in Chrome 57, shipped in March 2017. The functionality was never implemented in Microsoft Edge. […]

Service Announcement:
URL changes for partner portal & API

As part of our rebranding initiative from the acquisition of Symantec Website Security in 2017, we continue to update our systems to use DigiCert domains instead of Symantec domains. What You Need to Know We will change the URLs for our Partner Portal and API listed below. The “offline dates” are when Symantec will stop […]

Trends & Threats Briefing, May 2019

Welcome to this month’s news and insights regarding the trends and threats in digital certificates (including TLS, SSL and code signing), plus PKI, IoT, encryption, identity and trust. Click on any headline below to jump to its summary and external news source. If you’d prefer having this news presented to you, view/hear the on-demand recorded […]