How to Secure Quantum Computing in the Cloud

Quantum computing will likely arrive sooner than expected. 2020 has seen many leaps in the advance of quantum computing, including IBM announcing they will have a quantum processor available by the end of 2023. Enterprises need to prepare now for the potential threat of quantum computing, no matter how soon it arrives. And with quantum […]

5G Migration: Securing Connected Devices

As we discussed in previous posts, 5G technology is transforming the way the world connects and communicates, and its scale demands increasing reliance on the cloud. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are focused on creating enhanced 5G product offerings for their customers, and a huge part of that is the ability to connect more devices, provision […]

Secure 5G: Securing the Cloud with PKI

We recently talked about how PKI can secure 5G networks. An important aspect of securing 5G is the cloud, especially as mobile network operators (MNOs) move from physical deployments to virtual. 5G is not just changing a layer of the network, it’s rebuilding new base stations and antennas. Admins and devices accessing the cloud must […]

Secure 5G: Next Gen Tech Meets Next Gen, Modern PKI

5G has captured the attention of world audiences as the technology promises next-generation speeds and capabilities. And while that technology isn’t currently widely available, some experts predict that 5G will cover 40% of the world by 2024 and 25% of all mobile traffic data. However, to make 5G available and safe, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) […]

Credentialing Devices, Users at Scale and When They Connect: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s PKI

Device identity (or device birth certificate) involves pinpointing what exactly is connecting to the network. It helps to strengthen organizations’ overall security. Device identity in the manufacturing space Developing device birth certificates is a salient concern among many manufacturing organizations. These entities are looking to credential devices, identify them, authenticate them and update them appropriately. […]

Cloud Security Solutions

We are seeing more organizations overcome their cautions about the cloud and embrace its benefits. In fact, 69% of enterprises are moving business-critical applications to the cloud. And with the widespread stay-at-home orders during COVID-19, cloud usage is anticipated to increase. With more and more organizations migrating to the cloud, this has led to conversations […]

Perils of DIY Private PKI

Many choose to construct and manage their own Public Key Infrastructures — a DIY PKI if you will. For smaller organizations and internal solutions, a DIY PKI may be manageable. Yet as modern enterprise networks grow and expand into new niche areas of technology, their PKI becomes ever harder to manage. Understanding what it takes […]

Infographic: One Million Good Reasons To Invest In Modern PKI

Organizations can save nearly $1 million annually by adopting a cloud-based, fully managed PKI service, according to an IDC study. You probably already know the benefits of adopting modern PKI. Simplicity. Flexibility. Versatility. Managed PKI is increasingly being adopted by companies around the globe for these reasons. Not only does PKI solve a number of […]