2020 Quantum Advances and 2021 Predictions

This year quantum computing is reaching a turning point. Quantum computing has made significant progress in 2020, and we predict the advancements in 2021 will bring it closer to reality than ever before. However, preparing for post-quantum computing will likely take longer than you expect and you need to start preparing now to protect your […]

Top 3 Features of DigiCert Secure Site Pro

DigiCert conducted a survey with Secure Site and Secure Site Pro customers from August to September 2020. According to current customers, here are the top three most popular features in Secure Site and Secure Site Pro Top features in both Secure Site and Secure Site Pro: Priority validation Priority validation allows you to receive certificates […]

DigiCert 2021 Security Predictions

2020 has brought about a lot of change. Who would’ve imagined watching our favorite sports teams on TV and stadiums without spectators, or the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Summer Olympic games? But isn’t it nice that some things don’t change, like our annual exercise of predicting what cybersecurity challenges we expect in 2021 and […]

How to Secure Quantum Computing in the Cloud

Quantum computing will likely arrive sooner than expected. 2020 has seen many leaps in the advance of quantum computing, including IBM announcing they will have a quantum processor available by the end of 2023. Enterprises need to prepare now for the potential threat of quantum computing, no matter how soon it arrives. And with quantum […]

Predictions About IoT and Digital Transformation in 2020

This time of year, three things are almost certain. You will be tempted by all flavors of festive treats. You will wish holiday greetings to friends, family, teammates, customers and partners so often you may go hoarse (worth it!). And you will contemplate what’s going to happen in 2020. You’ve likely even made some predictions […]

DigiCert on Quantum 4: NIST Second PQC Standardization Conference

DigiCert on Quantum 4: NIST Second PQC Standardization Conference In the last article, we discussed how to figure out when to start switching to post-quantum algorithms. In the next few articles, we will discuss the available post-quantum techniques and how to transition to them. The first step is discussing cryptographic primitives. These are the low-level […]

DigiCert Announces Post-Quantum Computing Tool Kit

Throughout the year, we have been blogging about the quantum computing revolution that is just over the horizon, and its implications for security and cryptography. It’s too early to predict when it will be possible to build a scalable quantum computer, but the latest research from the National Academy of Sciences makes it clear that […]

DigiCert on Quantum 3: When it is necessary to start transitioning to quantum-safe algorithms

In previous articles in this series, we have discussed the threat quantum computing poses to classical cryptography and the difficulty of predicting when a cryptographically relevant quantum computer will arrive. In this article, we will discuss how to determine when it is necessary to start transitioning to quantum-safe algorithms. The answer will be different for […]

DigiCert on Quantum 2: When Will Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers Arrive?

[This is part of a continuing series on quantum computing. For the first part, click here.] Once people understand the threat that quantum computers pose to classical cryptographic algorithms like RSA and ECC, the next question that always gets asked is: when is it likely that such a computer will be available? This was one […]