The Next Generation of SecureWiFi Certificates Is Here

Because of DigiCert’s reputation as a leading security authority and promoter of industry standards and improvements, we have been selected by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide Online Sign-Up (OSU) server certificates, or DigiCert SecureWiFi Certificates.

DigiCert SecureWiFi Certificates

DigiCert has been authorized by the WiFi Alliance as the major Certificate Authority to provide SecureWiFi Certificates. Our certificates are trusted by Passpoint-certified devices and verify the authenticity of signup service providers to end-users, giving them immediate trust in the WiFi networks that they rely on for online access.

Currently there are no standards around validating or authenticating service providers to end-users. With the introduction of Passpoint release 2, there is now a validation process that service providers can undergo to receive a SecureWiFi Certificate and ensure their users that they are a legitimate and trusted provider. These certificates also encrypt all data passed between an end-user and the provider’s Online Signup (OSU) server, keeping sensitive information like login credentials and payment details safe.

Key Benefits of DigiCert SecureWiFi Certificates

  • Validates the authenticity of a service provider
  • Shows logo and name of network to end-users
  • Encrypts online sign-up process
  • Ubiquitous with Passpoint 2.0 devices

What Is Passpoint 2?

The Passpoint Release 2 program is designed to streamline the process of establishing new user accounts and makes finding and connecting to the right service provider both simple and secure. As part of this release, the Wi-Fi Alliance is leveraging existing PKI technology to help authenticate trusted service providers and to help end-users identify them.

With Passpoint 2, WiFi hardware vendors can create next-generation WiFi systems that enable more secured WiFi connections for users and better authentication of public WiFi hotspots to reduce spoofing, fraud, hacking, and the distribution of malware on public networks.

The end result for users is an all-around better and more secure WiFi experience when connecting to WiFi networks with SecureWiFi Certificates.

How WiFi Certificates Work

DigiCert SecureWiFi Certificates are installed on OSU servers by service providers and are used during the online signup process between the service provider and an end-user.

Users connecting to a WiFi hotspot/access point will be presented with a list of online signup service providers. Listings for trusted service providers will include a unique logo and verified network name (friendly name).

Trusted service providers can be identified by these special visual indicators. However, these indicators will only show up if the signup service provider has a valid WiFi certificate installed on their OSU server. This is possible because of the special WiFi root certificate on Passpoint-certified devices that lets the device validate the certificate on the OSU sever.

Once a user selects the service provider, any information passed during the online signup process is encrypted by the WiFi certificate. This means that login, payment, or other secure information is encrypted by the certificate as it’s passed to the OSU server, eliminating the risk of joining rogue access points and transmitting personal login or financial details.

Next Generation WiFi Hotspots, Secure WiFi You Can Trust

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s release of Passpoint 2 and partnership with DigiCert for WiFi certificates makes securing WiFi simple and easy. And for users, finding a trusted WiFi provider is easier and safer than ever.

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