The industry is moving away
from two-year certificates

Beginning September 1, validity periods become one-and-done.

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When is the last day I can order a two-year cert?

It depends on your validation level and history—but time is very much running out. As of September 1, 2020, no new two-year certificates may be ordered, but any certificate issued before then remains valid until the natural end of its lifetime.

If you want to order a two-year certificate before the deadline, we suggest you to reach out to our team as soon as possible.

Why is the CA/B forum making this change?

To improve security. Though decreasing certificate validity periods to a single year does increase the operational burden on IT staffs, the benefits outweigh the cost:

  • Shorter validity periods limit the window of potential exposure if a certificate is compromised
  • A shortened maximum validity period makes the industry as a whole more agile and able to respond to large-scale threats.
  • One-year certificates mitigate oversight due to normal organizational churn, because they force identity information to be updated annually.
  • Advancements in certificate automation can—and should—off-set much of the increased workload the change places on security staffs.

What is DigiCert’s position on this change?

We support any change that leads to better security and improved identity practices. But, as with any improvement, we also believe that shortening of certificate lifetimes must be balanced against the hardship required of certificate users to implement these changes.

Read our full response in this blog post

What is DigiCert doing to make the transition to shorter certificate lifetimes easier?

We’re already taking several steps to help limit the disruption this change will cause to our customers:

DigiCert® CertCentral® allows you to schedule and automate replacement of certificates, mitigating the potential for a lapse.

Multi-year purchases
We’re also enabling users to lock in discounted prices and automatic certificate replacement for several years in a row by ordering new multi-year flex plans in CertCentral.

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