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Many administrative functions can be performed inside your DigiCert account to help facilitate your SSL certificate management. The information on this page is meant to be a basic account tutorial.

If you still have questions, we recommend that you contact us for assistance.

My Orders

  • Order Number Link (Order Details/Collect Order)

    In the DigiCert Web-PKI Manager, click on the Order Number link to see the details for that order as well as download options for the SSL certificate and Site Seal.

  • Order Date

    Displays the date the certificate was ordered.

  • Domain (Common-Name)

    Displays the Domain (Common-Name) applied.

  • Status

    Displays the status of each certificate so you know if it has been issued.

  • Validity

    Displays the lifetime of the certificate.

  • Product

    Displays the type of SSL certificate.

  • Expires

    Displays the Expiration Date of the certificate.

Additional Functions

If you click on the + icon next to an order, you will be able to access the following functions:

  • Download Certificate

    Allows you to quickly download the necessary certificates to install on your server.

  • Get Site Seal

    Provides instruction for how to choose a site seal and provides the code and instructions for implementing the site seal.

  • Re-Key Your Certificate

    Provides a convenient way for you to Reissue/Re-Key your own SSL certificates. Simply click the link, paste a copy of your new CSR text/code into the provided text field and select your server platform from a predefined list (select box). As long as the information provided in the new CSR matches the previous CSR details (e.g., Organization Name, Common-Name, etc.) you can quickly reissue your own SSL certificate.

  • View Receipt/Invoice

    Click on the Receipt link to see full receipt details for that certificate/order. You can also view the receipt/invoice for the order as PDF and print a copy if needed.

  • Renewal Notice Options

    Allows you to turn on the notification emails to remind you when your certificate is expiring.

  • Renew Link

    The Renew link is presented when a Certificate is within 90 days of expiring. A reminder email notice is also triggered at the 90 day mark.

    DigiCert Certificate Manager

Other Account Tools

The links to other sections of your account can be found under your Quick Menu including the following:

  • Account Settings

    Provides direct access to nearly all management functions of your DigiCert account, including Profile Editor, User Management, and Renewal Notification Options.

  • Finances

    Make a deposit with a credit card and check your account balance.

    For Organizations who qualify, the DigiCert Purchase Order system provides a convenient way to add funds to your account or to order products. Once POs are paid, funds become available in your account or POs can be used when ordering certificates. Accepted payment methods against the invoice include, company or certified check, money order, direct deposit and bank wire.

  • Buy Certificates

    Once your account has been established, you will always want to start the certificate purchase process from this tab.

  • Apply for Reseller Status

    For those interested, the DigiCert Authorized Partner program can provide a great opportunity for generating new revenue streams.