DigiCert leads the healthcare industry in adopting secure practices for transmitting healthcare data.

In 2010, DigiCert worked closely with the leading HISPs and HIEs across the country and was instrumental in the development of a trust federation and the corresponding set of standards to support the industry-defining initiative called the Direct Project. As such, DigiCert was the first to issue Direct-compliant Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) Certificates.

Today, DigiCert continues to help healthcare providers maintain the highest standards for healthcare information exchange and keep sensitive patient data secure.

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DigiCert Direct Cert Portal™

The DigiCert Direct Cert Portal™

DigiCert developed the Direct Cert Portal–a management tool that allows healthcare organizations to share data between providers, associates, and patients quickly and securely. The portal is always up-to-date to ensure organizations can stay current with healthcare initiatives, maintain better records, and improve patient outcomes.

Direct Trust

Proud Members of Trust Bundles

As a Certificate Authority, we are part of the Accredited Trust Community. DigiCert is a member of the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle, as well as the DirectTrust Governmental Trust Anchor Bundle. This guarantees interoperability with other fully accredited HISPs.

About FBCA Certificates

DigiCert's Direct Certificates are cross-signed by the FBCA and trusted by federal agencies, ensuring interoperability. Our Federally Bridged Certificates facilitate information exchange with federal agencies such as the CDC, NIH, CMS, FDA, HIS, VA, DOD, and other operating divisions of HHS.

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