Streamlined Management & Tools for Direct Certificates

The Direct Cert Portal is a cloud-based platform that creates and manages the Direct Certificates your organization needs. Heath Information Service Providers (HISPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) benefit from using the Portal features promoting comprehensive certificate management, easy certificate issuance, and custom user roles for multiple members of the organization.

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Types of Direct Certificates

The following FBCA Direct Certificates are available in the Direct Cert Portal:

Address Certificate:

A Direct Address is formatted like an email address (e.g., and is bound to a specific Direct Address associated with the organization named in the certificate. An organization may have multiple Direct Addresses, including one or more for each organizational affiliation. Direct Addresses can be a personal inbox, a task, a workflow handled by one or more people, a data repository or registry, or another endpoint used only for health information exchange.

Organization Certificate:

An Organization Certificate is bound to a domain that is part of a Direct Certificate and tied to the organization exchanging information using Direct.

Device Certificate:

A Device Certificate is bound to a domain that is part of a Direct Address, tied to an organization exchanging information using Direct, and associated with a specific device intended to facilitate the transmission of encrypted Direct messages. These devices may include routers, servers, or other similar equipment.

Patient Certificate:

A Patient Certificate is formatted like an Address Certificate, is issued by a HISP, and is bound to a specific patient.

Direct Cert Portal Features

User Management:

Assign and manage roles for all users from an ISSO or HCO. Permission levels can be assigned for each user as Administrators, Requestors, or Observers.

Manage Multiple HCOs:

The Portal allows you to manage multiple HCOs and individual providers with one account.

Direct REST API:

Create an interface to automate the management of your Direct Certificates with a customized, full-function API using the REST protocol.

Simplified Certificate Management:

The Portal streamlines certificate management for the account administrator with new certificate requests processed in real-time.

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