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The Direct Project, created in 2010 under the direction of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the office of the national Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), is designed to improve the transmission of health information while ensuring federally mandated privacy requirements.

'Direct' messaging facilitates faster, less expensive, and more secure data transfer, which benefits both patients and providers. Timely and secure data transfer not only improves patient outcomes, but can also save lives. The Direct Project is a nationwide initiative that gives health professionals a powerful platform that can scale as health information sharing evolves.

The Direct Project seeks to:

  • Establish scalable standards and documentation to push data from point-to-point
  • Ensure the security of shared medical records and related data
  • Improve interoperability by providing rules-based methods of interstate and interagency sharing
  • Improve healthcare outcomes by moving information exchange away from traditional mail and fax methods

How Is DigiCert Involved with the Direct Project?

HISP Doctor

DigiCert is a founding member of DirectTrust.org (DirectTrust), a non-profit alliance of healthcare industry participants, created for the Direct initiative to provide a national Security and Trust Framework to facilitate participant interoperability through federation.

DigiCert's Federally Bridged Certificates are critical in helping facilitate the secure interstate and inter-agency sharing of electronic health information. DigiCert was the first CA to issue certificates that not only meet the Direct protocols for health information exchange, but are also cross-certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA).

DigiCert's Direct Cert Portal™ utilizes our existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to facilitate the exchange of information between providers and their business associates, as well as between providers and patients.

As an industry leader and PKI expert, DigiCert provides valuable insight into the proper implementation of Direct. DigiCert routinely collaborates with the associated HISP vendors, state and regional HIEs, physician membership organizations, insurance companies, Personal Health Record (PHR) companies, Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies, consultants, and others.

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