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Product information DigiCert Symantec Thawte
1-Year Price $295 USD $995 USD $299 USD
2-Year Price $469 USD $1,790 USD $519 USD
Stringent EV Validation guidelines standardize verification methods of domain ownership & organizational identity      
Option to upgrade to EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate during purchase process      
Price includes an unlimited server installation license      
Free reissues for lifetime of certificate      
Support Comparison DigiCert Symantec Thawte
Rating according to third-party review website SSLShopper.com ** Star rating Star rating Star rating
Live online chat, email, online documentation      
Dedicated technical support telephone number. No phone menu or queues      
Certificate Utility with one-click installation        
Free Certificate Discovery Tool        
Automated SSL certificate installation checking & notification.      
$1 million warranty $1,750,000 $1,500,000
30-day money-back guarantee      
Certificate Compatibility DigiCert Symantec Thawte
Support 2048-bit, 256-bit, and 128-bit encryption      
Green bar enabled in all common browsers      
Certificates for www.example.com also work with example.com      
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$295 USD
EV Plus


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$995 USD
Secure Site with EV


$299 USD
SSL Web Server with EV


* Prices taken from respective company web sites on August 5, 2016

** As of August 5, 2016

Compare us to the competition and the choice is easy! Our EV SSL certificates offer all the features of our competitors, including regulated quality control standards, and unlimited server licenses at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, you'll get the fast, competent, and reliable customer support that you've come to expect from DigiCert, 24-hours a day.