SSL Authentication and Identity Verification for Banking

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are prime targets for phishing attacks and other scams geared towards identity theft. With a rampant increase in phishing and social engineering, security is more important than ever. Spammers are becoming more proficient every day in creating fraudulent links claiming to be banks and credit unions.

You can now give your customers peace of mind by using an Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV). When a site is secured by an EV Certificate, you're telling your clients that your website has passed the strict authentication (the "extended validation") required to be issued an EV Certificate. This lets your customers know you are who you say you are, and not bad guy who is preying on their trust in you.

Every EV Certificate, no matter which company you get it from, must meet the exact same requirements. So why should you buy your EV certificate from DigiCert?

Unbeatable customer service. Want to play a fun game? Call us on the phone right now. Our phone number is right at the top of every page on our website. Guess what happens? A real live person answers the phone. And not just ANY real live person -- a real live person who knows how to help you and answer your questions. Now try calling any of our competitors. Did you find their phone number? When you called did you have to navigate through a confusing menu just to speak with someone? Did you have to wait in a hold queue? Did a real live person answer the phone? And when you did talk to a person, did they know what they were talking about, or did they have to transfer you to someone else or a different department to finally get someone who could help you out?

It's the little things. Is your website accessible with and without the "www" at the beginning? Can your clients navigate to or and get the same site? A DigiCert EV SSL Certificate will actually secure your site both ways. The other guys often make you buy two separate ssl certificates. That's why we said EV certs from all companies are "equally secure," not "exactly the same" -- because we believe in doing the little things to make your life easier.

Oh yeah, and we cost less than the other guys. We have fine-tuned our validation process to be as efficient as possible, which allows us to offer you a better price.

Want more information? Please visit our Extended Validation SSL page for more details.

Need to secure multiple domains with EV SSL Certificates? If so, learn more about our Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificates.

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