Implementing security in the healthcare industry presents unique challenges because practitioners, patients, and government entities depend on and use a growing number of devices to handle sensitive health-related information every day. Careful consideration is needed to ensure end-to-end data encryption, personal privacy, and regulatory compliance. Device identification, user authentication, certificate management, and software security also need to be addressed.

As a leading security solutions provider, DigiCert's products deliver the critical authentication and encryption needed to secure medical devices and ensure secure messaging. DigiCert uses robust PKI solutions, including digital certificates, to ensure connected devices are secure and patients are kept safe.

Solutions for Connected Medical Devices in the IoT

Threats to networked devices have moved beyond simple proof-of-concepts; it's expected attackers will continue to explore developments in healthcare technology and ways potential threats can be realistically exploited. DigiCert is partnered with standards and regulation groups to develop comprehensive secure standards needed to ensure data privacy and security for all networked medical devices. DigiCert solves the IoT authentication challenge by providing custom, robust PKI solutions.

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Solutions for Secure Healthcare Communications

Not only do connected medical devices need to be secured, so does highly sensitive healthcare data exchanged between healthcare practitioners. As a founding member of DirectTrust, DigiCert serves healthcare providers around the world and helps them protect important healthcare information and enterprise assets. DigiCert's healthcare communication solutions include:

  • FBCA-Certified Certificates
  • Secure email for Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Secure text messaging of patient data
  • Secure internet instant messaging
  • Document and device digital signature management
  • Data encryption during communication exchange
  • Comprehensive certificate management tools

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