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Free Always-On SSL Site and Keyword Rank Checker

Using the DigiCert Always-On SSL Site and Keyword Rank Checker, you can research for keywords and see where SSL can impact your search ranking results.

Track your sites, keywords, or even your competitors in a single click and take advantage of the boost your site can get online by enabling HTTPS security.

What is HTTPS Everywhere?

Always-On SSL (AOSSL), also known as HTTPS everywhere, means using an SSL Certificate across every page on a website to protect all data a user views or submits online.

Currently, most sites only use SSL to secure pages where sensitive data is passed, like login credentials or credit card numbers. This causes the user to bounce between HTTPS and HTTP sessions, even after they have logged in, leaving much of the information a user sees online exposed to third parties and other malicious users online.

Using SSL only on secure information page for encryption is not enough to combat today’s threats. New methods of hijacking and eavesdropping unencrypted sessions make it easier than ever to steal your users’ information.

Persistent SSL connections online ensures that all pages, cookies, and sessions are secure and that all user data is safe, no matter what page they are on. Using HTTPS everywhere on your site helps ensure that user connections online are totally and completely secure.

Now that Google is giving a rank boost for sites secured with Always-On SSL (AOSSL), it's the perfect opportunity to give your users the confidence of using a secured site and get the benefit of increased search engine rank.

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How the Site Checker Can Help You

By using the DigiCert AOSSL Site Checker you can easily find out if your website has an SSL Certificate. You can also get details on any certificates that you have, like if they’re still valid, who issued them, and if they are installed correctly. Using this information you can determine what your current certificate landscape looks like and what certificates you need to purchase to secure your site with SSL.

You can also use the site checker to see if the top-ranking sites for your keywords are using HTTPS. By searching the keywords you’re targeting you can see what other companies are ranking for that keyword and if they have HTTPS enabled on their pages.

Find Your Certificates

You may already have an SSL Certificate that secures part of your site. However, a single-name certificate may not be able to secure the rest of your company’s resources. Find out what you have before you buy.

Make Your Game Plan

Once you see your current cert landscape, you will better know what certificate(s) you need. Even if you already have a certificate, you may need to purchase an additional certificate to secure your entire site.

Prepare for the Future of SEO

As with every other SEO ranking factor that Google has introduced, the first wave of websites who follow Google’s recommendation to migrate to HTTPS everywhere should receive the best long-term results.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

If your competitors aren’t using HTTPS, you should be. If your competitors are using HTTPS, you definitely should be. Find out if your competitors are using HTTPS and gain the competitive advantage by using SSL.