Internet of Things

Where Do You See The Internet of Things In The Future?

When the Internet was first launched, you were able to connect to the internet through your computer or server with a LAN line (cable). So, you only had to figure out how to secure one type of device and one type of connection. Today, you can use a LAN line, a Wi-Fi connection, or a WiFi Hotspot to connect to the Internet, and the number of devices with Internet connectivity continues to grow and grow: computer, server, virtual machine, phone, tablet, printer, watch, etc. We want you to think about how internet connectivity has evolved and will evolve to allow these different types of devices to use the internet to help simply and enrich your life. We also want you to think about how you are going to keep all your connected devices secure as the Internet of Things continues to evolve in the Future for both personal and business purposes.

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How does the Internet of Things affect your future?


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