Device Identity, Authentication, and Data Encryption

Digital certificates play a crucial role in establishing identity, and maintaining data and device integrity. PKI uses digital certificates to enable device-to-device or device-to-server identity authentication. Certificates also protect the data exchanged between devices. Digital certificates are the foundation of a network's IoT security, protecting its data, authenticating its devices, and creating trust for everyone interacting with the network. With the IoT, networks are expanding and becoming more powerful therefore maintaining the integrity of data and privacy has never been more important.

A PKI-based certificate solution does not require tokens or passwords. Instead, digital certificates are used to solve the authentication challenge. PKI tackles the challenge by using digital certificates in addition to security protocols to encrypt and secure communications within an IoT network.

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PKI for Authentication, Encryption, and Integrity

As the Internet of Things continues to grow and weave its way into more and more industries, networks are expanding and becoming more powerful. Maintaining privacy and the integrity of data must be at the forefront of all IoT projects.

Certificates for Device Identity

The best security practices require strong security credentials in order to trust devices on networks and in online applications. Before secure communications can take place between connected devices (e.g., device and a server or a device and a mobile phone), proper authentication must take place.

Secure data exchange or a verified software update can only begin after both devices have been identified and authenticated. With PKI, certificates are installed (embedded) on connected devices and used to securely authenticate one device to another, ensure that only trusted devices are allowed to connect to a nearby server, and enable trusted communications between devices to take place.

DigiCert's PKI solution customizes the certificate deployment process to fit the needs of each individual IoT project and can scale from a few thousand to millions of digital certificates to support IoT deployments of all sizes.

Certificates for Protecting Data in Transit

The Internet of Things is composed of interconnected networks of diverse systems allowing a variety of communications—even some that are unauthorized—therefore creating a privacy issue. Because these communications facilitate powerful services, secure communication capabilities become a critical matter.

IoT brings the benefit of being able to analyze information in real-time but that same benefit can expose systems to risks such as eavesdropping on sensitive messages and/or sending fraudulent messages.

DigiCert's PKI solution is ideal for safeguarding data exchange (sensitive and non-sensitive) in the IoT. DigiCert certificates guarantee that the highest level of encryption is being used to secure messages and ensures that exchanged messages are not intercepted, modified, or replaced with false messages.

CertCentral®: Manage Thousands of Certificates Efficiently

To maintain IoT device and system security simply issuing and embedding/installing digital certificates is not enough. On-going tracking of the digital certificate and timely certificate renewal before the certificate expires are critical to comprehensive IoT device and system security. DigiCert's CertCentral® platform is designed to simplify certificate management, providing admins with the tools to track their digital certificates, whether hundreds, thousands, or millions, throughout the certificate and devices lifecycle—issuance/reissuance to expiration.

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