The Internet of Things Needs Security

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is made of more than 5 billion Internet-connected devices today. From wearables to cars to baby monitors to medical devices, the assortment and number of connected devices is growing at a rapid rate and Gartner predicts devices will exceed 40 billion by 2020.

When the vision for the IoT was first proposed in the 1990's, security was overlooked as a priority. But now there are millions of devices in use with new attacks every day; it is clear IoT security is a necessary element for every device transferring sensitive data over one or multiple networks. Security solutions should be implemented at the beginning of IoT product design and development.

Internet of Things Security

IoT security is the effort to secure connected devices communicating over one (or several) networks.

In the past manufacturers have overlooked product security during development in favor of bringing the product to market faster. Security implementations can sometimes mean a slower production time. But encryption is a necessity for user privacy and data security.

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The IoT Is Vulnerable

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Many connected devices remain unsecure. IoT breaches are almost an everyday occurrence. In August 2013, one father heard a stranger talking to his baby through the "smart" baby monitor in the nursery. As frightening as this sounds, it isn't the only incident of its kind. Another IoT vulnerability was documented when hackers worked their way into the control system of a Jeep vehicle and were able to remotely control the car's commands from a computer.

The size of many devices plays a role in security implementation. This is a challenging puzzle for manufacturers. Some may delay incorporating security features into the device, but in the larger span of things, implementing IoT security during design exponentially decreases cost in the long run (saving on redesign, consultations, and reproduction). A data breach of an IoT device could potentially cost millions of dollars when recalls, loss of sensitive data, and a tarnished brand image are considered.

Implementing IoT security from the beginning allows companies and consumers alike to take advantage of the exciting future the Internet of Things has in store for users.

How to Secure the IoT

The IoT needs security and DigiCert’s PKI solution makes IoT security realistic, scalable, and flexible.

DigiCert's PKI solution is the perfect security solution for providing device identity and authentication, sensitive communication encryption, and data and system integrity. PKI allows manufacturers to create a strong security ecosystem for IoT devices.

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